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Dr. Nancy J. Goodwin


Dr. Nancy J. Goodwin, DO, FACOEP, FACOI is double board certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. She has been caring for patients’ chronic and acute conditions for years in Florida Emergency rooms and in her private practice at Goodwin Medical Center. She was trained in New York and Michigan. She has a passion for a “life well lived”.

Dr. Goodwin encourages her patients to stay active, eat well and balance all the good things we enjoy. She believes that we should feel great in our bodies and therefore must take good care of them, from the inside out. Modern medicine continues to reveal new ways to keep us feeling and looking young and it is okay for us to embrace it!



Rebekka is an RN with experience in a multitude of settings and a combined experience of 20 years in practice. She is currently in training for her FNP license and plans to specialize in aesthetic medicine once finished with that program. Rebekka has completed extensive training in the US and Europe and believes that education and training is an ongoing process and never ends.

Rebekka began Aesthetics in California after practicing as an RN for 8 years, she has since moved to Texas where she provides treatments to enhance the patient’s already natural beauty. She has been in the Aesthetics field for over 10 years and believes in an approach that is best summed up in the statement “Good things come with time”.

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